Lesbian couple discovered that their children had 43 siblings


The lesbian mothers of five found out that their big family is almost ten times bigger if to count all the kids born from the same sperm donor as their kids. Brisbane couple Shannon Ashton and Lisa Quinn have five children, aged one to 15, all born via the same sperm donor, an anonymous Australian surfer. The pair looked into the issue after it turned out that the friend of one of their kids in his daycare group is their genetic brother. After seeking records for the Queensland Fertility Group sperm donor, Ashton discovered that he had fathered a total of 48 children. Newer guidelines typically restrict sperm donors to donating to 10 women spread out over a large geographic region, but there were fewer restrictions in place when the couple secured the donor for their first pregnancy. The older kids are overjoyed and it is actually great to have so many siblings, but they still think this issue should be better regulated to avoid unplanned incest (who can guarantee that children born from one sperm donor won’t start dating one day?) and genetic disorder as a consequence.


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