Man beaten and left unconscious in a hate crime attack


Thugs choked a 36-year-old man, whose name cannot be revealed due to legal reasons, unconscious and smashed his face against a pavement in one of the districts of the British capital last week. The attack was allegedly homophobic and completely unprovoked. At first the victim was punched in the face and choked around his neck until he lost consciousness. He was then dragged along the ground by his hood, before the attackers hit his face against the pavement. The police reveal that they investigate the incident as a hate crime because the criminals were chanting homophobic slurs while assaulting the victim. The man was found by the police bleeding and bruised, the paramedics gave him first aid at the scene and he did not require hospitalization. Metropolitan Police said they believe there could be further victims following the incident and urged them to contact with the police. The victim has been discharged but is still suffering from his injuries and remains in shock, according to police. One of the male attackers was described as white, with a thin face and thin lips. He had a London accent and wore a grey hoodie.


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