Most teachers and parents are for LGBT-inclusive education


The survey—which was published today by TES, a teaching publication—was carried out by Professor Jonathan Glazzard and Samuel Stones of the Carnegie School of Education. It included over 300 teachers, and the majority of them (94%) showed support to the idea of the LGBT-inclusive curricula in their schools. The same number of respondents feels that school is directly responsible for spreading LGBT awareness among children. 88 percent of those surveyed said that LGBT inclusion is not optional and parents should have no right to forbid their children to be educated about it. So, there is no question whether to teach about LGBT issues or not. However, the question when to teach about them is still open for discussions – support for teaching younger children about LGBT+ issues was slightly lower. 76 percent said schools should teach children about different types of relationships from the age of 4. Meanwhile, 73 percent said same-sex marriage should be taught to children from that age, and just 50 percent said children aged 4 and up should learn about transgender issues and gender identity.


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