Queer couple shares their engagement story to raise money for the transition of one of them


Non-binary trans-masculine person Leo Rogers, 22, who uses ‘they\them’ pronouns, posted on Twitter explaining how their girlfriend Ruth proposed them during a dinner with friends. Leo planned to propose Ruth that day because it was her birthday, but she did it first. The two got acquainted at a Dodie concert in 2017 and have been together ever since. “I was secretly planning it to be a surprise with around 20 of her friends and unknown to me she was planning to propose on the night! She was completely surprised and after we’d had dessert she pulled out the ring and got down on one knee!” Leo is heard saying on the video which they uploaded to their GoFundMe page to raise money for transition, and the respond was amazing, they received a lot of congratulations, warmth, love and support. “We want to send the message that love has no gender or boundaries and that queer love is so important to be shown in the media,” Leo concludes.


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