Steven Anderson could be banned from visiting Ireland


Steven Anderson—a preacher with the Faithful Word Baptist Church in the United States—is going to visit the Irish capital in a month, but there is already a massive opposition towards his future arrival because of the numerous hateful remarks he used to make against Muslims, Jews and LGBT people, so the petition to stop him from entering the country is already launched. One person who signed the petition commented that the person who celebrates violent murders {Anderson described the mass shooting in the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse as a good thing – GNE} should have no right to come to Ireland. Ruairí McKiernan, founder of Irish youth website SpunOut, shared the petition on Twitter and asked people to sign, saying that this person provokes and encourages violence against the minorities and urged the Irish government not to let him promote his views in the country. Ireland is far from being the first country that tries to ban the preacher


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