Co-op introduced the gender-neutral gingerbread person and asks the public to choose them a name


The British supermarket chain Co-op is introducing a gender-neutral gingerbread person last Wednesday, noting that their food team was adding last touches to their ‘new little biscuity friend’, but their name would be chosen by the customers. “The plan is to give our new gingerbread fellow some seasonal costume refreshes—a distinctively Christmassy look for December and something rather spooky around Halloween for example,” the statement reads, emphasizing that the name should be universal not only from the gender point of view (It is gender-neutral, so names like David or Clara won’t work), but also from the point of view of the time of the year – Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, whatever, it should not sound inappropriate for any case. But the food team is to ease the task by creating a shortlist, the customers will be asked only to vote for the name they like the most.


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