Danish footballer Viktor Fischer condemns fans who chant homophobic slurs


The Danish footballer says that it makes him feel upset when fans chant homophobic slurs at him because he does not see homosexuality as something insulting, though he does not identify as gay. So, when fans sing songs in which they call him gay, they don’t offend him (because he sees nothing wrong or bad in being called gay), but they offend the gay community by representing the word defining their sexuality as similar to swearing, which, Fischer believes, is definitely wrong, even though it has become a habit among the football watchers . “There’s something of a culture in elite sport, in football, which is based on just being tough, keeping quiet, because that makes you a strong sportsman. But it’s not about being a strong sportsman. It’s about the culture at stadia needing to be better. It’s about ‘homosexual’ not being an insult. It never should have been… and especially in 2019 in Denmark, it should not be anymore,” Fischer told TV2.


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