Fiji PM will never allow same-sex marriage


Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama made the comments in a press conference last Sunday (April 7) where he made it clear that as a committed Christian he is not ready to betray his beliefs and to approve marriage equality in his country. According to the Fiji Sun, he said that as long as his FijiFirst party is dominating in the government the i8ssue of same-sex marriages will not be brought up in the country at all and he was sorry even to pronounce the words ‘same-sex marriages’ in front of people. The leader’s comments were condemned by the Fiji NGO Coalition on Human Rights (NGOCHR). Their chair Nalini Singh stated: “The LGBTQI community is already marginalized within our society and these comments made by someone in authority, such as the Prime Minister, are extremely dangerous and only exacerbate the existing discrimination against members of the LGBTQI community.” The Fiji Pm has previously sa9id that his country did not need such ‘rubbish’ as same-sex marriages and if people want to marry, they should move abroad and do it there.


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