Government sacks adviser Roger Scruton, who put homosexuality in one row with incest


The UK government has finally sacked housing tsar Sir Roger Scruton, after months of pressure to dismiss him for his hateful remarks towards racial minorities, Jews and LGBT people. Sir Roger Scruton was appointed by the Conservatives to head a new housing commission on November 3, but immediately came under fire as his controversial remarks from 2001-2015 were resurfaced. In part he said gay sex was no better than incest and more threatening than smoking, also, ironically, adding that there had never been such thing as homophobia and it was all made up. The Conservative government dismissed calls t suspend Mr. Scruton, but his interview published on April 10 was the last straw. I n the interview, Scruton claimed that “each Chinese person is a kind of replica of the next one,” and repeated past claims about a “Soros empire,” an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory relating to Jewish philanthropist George Soros. He was finally sacked by housing minister James Brokenshire, within hours of the interview’s publication.


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