Lesbian moms of a child with cancer open up about shocking abuse


A lesbian couple who are fundraising to save the life of their adorable baby girl Callie, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, have become targets for homophobic abuse. While many people have generously donated to the family’s campaign, one person said they planned to donate money to this girl but changed their mind after finding out that she has lesbian moms and maybe her disease was a sign that she needed an opposite-sex family. Well, God the way we know Him is not sending mortal ilnesses on innocent babies to punish someone else for something He allegedly disapproves, let alone that fact that lesbianism is not even disapproved in Christianity because the Bible does not even mention it. The couple shared a screenshot of the message on their Facebook page and said: “This is a very sick little girl, whose life is on the line. For someone to actually send this and speak to my family in this way is utterly disgusting.” The comment comes after a difficult time for the family, who found out in January that Callie had cancer. On their GoFundMe page, Callie’s aunt, Trisha Lamb, said Callie is “high risk” and her cancer is at stage four.


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