Queer Eye heroes have met up


The season three’s lesbian star Jess Guilbeaux reunited with season two heroes Mama Tammye (who warmly called Jess, an orphan disowned by her Christian adopted parents after coming out to them, her new daughter given her from God), her son Myles Hicks, Skyler Jay—who was the first transgender Queer Eye star—and season one’s Neal Reddy. Mama Tammye thanked Jess for coming and sharing a life with her, adding that she loves her deeply and the day was only the beginning, and it was a pity that there was nobody to show Jess that children are the gift of Heaven for parents to cherish, but she (Tammye) will try her best to show Jess what it means to have a loving, supporting family, that accepts you no matter what. Tammye posted a series of four photos of Jess with Skyler and Myles, captioning it with the uplifting message: “Children are a gift to be cherished! Here’s three of mine enjoying time together in the ATL. “Thanks Sky @trans.ginger for being the big brother and making sure everyone was safe”. “Of course Mama! ❤I love and cherish you and my @queereye siblings! Next time we are gonna have to get you out dancing too! All your kids got MOVES! #wegetitfromourmama ,” Skyler replied to this.


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