Russian court ruled in favor of trans woman


Anna Grigoryeva had been working for a printing press in Russia for 10 years before she came out as transgender, but when she transitioned into female she was asked to leave. The employer claimed that they had to fire her because of a government law introduced in 2000 which stops women from working in over 35 industries. This law was dismissed by the United Nations in 2016 because it violated human rights of women. In the ruling dated April 9 the Frunze District Court ordered that Grigoryeva must be back to working because it was illegal to fire her. They also instructed the printing company to pay her 10,000 rubles (£118) in compensation and 1.8 million rubles (£21,366) in backpay. Grigoryeva’s lawyer, Maksim Olenichev told RFE/RL that the victory set a “very important precedent” in Russia. “For the first time in Russia, a transgender person has managed to defend her labor rights in court,” the lawyer added.


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