Ryan Murphy works on a new film on the basis of queer musical for Netflix


The out creator of record-breaking trans-themed show Pose, Glee and American Horror Story made the announcement about working on the film adaptation of the musical The Prom for Netflix, according to Hollywood Reporter. The musical tells a story of an Indiana school senior who asks her crush to accompany her to the prom, and the most long-awaited event in the lives of all the schoolkids collapses because of this naïve invitation, just because this girl’s crush happens to be a girl too. Murphy’s film is due to air on Netflix in September 2020, making it the first to be released through his groundbreaking deal with the streaming giant. Murphy’s adaptation of The Prom means he is following through on a promise he made last year to devote his work for Netflix to queer representation and celebrating the commitment of all the LGBT+ heroes and heroines in our society. He explained on Instagram that he chose the musical, which has been on Broadway since October, because he saw it as “one of the most uplifting, heartfelt and special musicals I have ever seen on Broadway. It’s truly an original that celebrates the underdog and says in a loving spectacular way that LGBTQ rights are human rights.”


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