Tasmania passed trans rights reforms


The Australian state’s parliament passed a bill on April 16 that would allow transgender people aged 16 and older to legally change their gender marker and name in the official documents without undergoing the gender reassignment surgery. The landmark reforms also boost anti-discrimination protections for trans people, and make it possible for parents not to fill in the gender markers in their children’s birth certificates if they don’t want to. The bill passed by a vote of 13-12, after Liberal Party of Australia speaker Sue Hickey sided with opposition Labor and Greens MPs in backing reforms against the wishes of the Liberal government that insisted that the changes mentioned in the bill were not legally tested, unconsulted and potentially highly problematic in the practical implementation. Transgender campaigners celebrated the victory. Transforming Tasmania spokesperson, Martine Delaney, has made a special statement to thank the MPs who have made it possible. A spokesperson for Tasmanian Families for Transgender Kids, Candace Harrington, also emphasized on the paramount importance of these reforms for the future of the young transgender Tasmanians.


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