LGBT event in Canada is halted due to political climate


Edmonton Pride, in Alberta, Canada, that was set to take place on June 7-8 this year, has been cancelled following massive protests against the police and complains over the lack of inclusivity. As a consequence the Pride organizers decided to cancel the event because, according to the email statement on their behalf publicly revealed by CBC, the current political climate in the city gives no chance to hold the event peacefully and successfully. And as the event promotes acceptance and safety for anyone, it creates a radical contrast with what people can see on the street, so before safety can be celebrated, it should be achieved. The cancellation comes amid calls for a ban on police and military involvement in the parade and for improved minority representation. At last year’s event protestors blocked the parade route for 30 minutes brandishing placards reading “no justice, no pride” and “racism is a queer issue.”


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