Trans actors criticize IMDb for revealing their birth names without permission


Two transgender actors have spoken out about having their birth names published on the IMDb website as they had given no consent to it. Representatives of the actors, who spoke anonymously, told IndieWire they had not been able to remove the information from the website, even though management, agencies and trans rights campaigners insist on doing so. IMDb representatives hit back saying that there was an ‘edit’ bottom, but the two actors complained that this bottom was disabled. One actor said they were not able to get IMDb to remove their birth name for several months despite numerous complains. Although their name was changed on their profile, the birth name still appears in the “bio” section and next to the roles they played. “Our users trust that when they use IMDb, they are receiving comprehensive and accurate biographical information,” the statement on the IMDb behalf added, “IMDb strives to represent an individual’s gender identity while also accurately reflecting cast and crew listings as they appear in a production’s on-screen credits at the time of original release.”


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