Anti-LGBT protests outside Birmingham schools continue


Anderton Park School has been one of the focal points in a wave of protests against inclusive education, alongside the nearby Parkfield Primary School. And now people who call themselves Parents’ Community are spreading leaflets condemning so-called ‘gay ethos’. The leaflets read that the program teaches children it is OK to be gay in all religions… you can be gay and Muslim. It teaches 4-year-old children that they can be a boy or a girl. It teaches boys it is OK to marry your best friend Abdul”. In fact it does, but these parents believe it to be offensive, discriminatory and threatening. They say that they don’t want their children’s view on homosexuality to change and they don’t want them to believe that homosexuality is okay. Anderton Park headteacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson said the school “will not bow” to demands to censor teaching about LGBT+ people. Staff at the school, she said, educate children about the different sexualities and genders protected by UK law, including equal marriage.


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