Arizona allows to talk about gay rights in schools


Arizona has rapidly repealed a law that bans the “promotion” of homosexuality in schools as the state human rights campaigners filed a lawsuit demanding to do so. The state’s Republican governor Doug Ducey signed a bill on April 11 to remove the prohibitions for teachers to discuss LGBT issues with their pupils. The repeal measure was fast-tracked into law, just weeks after a legal challenge was filed by Equality Arizona, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and Lambda Legal. The measure to repeal the law cleared the Arizona House of Representatives by a vote of 55-5 on April 10th, and the following day it was passed by the state senate by a vote of 19-10 and immediately sent to the Governor. The repeal likely ends the looming threat of the legal challenge against the 28-year-old law, which was one of just seven remaining ‘No Promo Homo’ laws on the books in the US. Arizona Republicans had previously resisted efforts to repeal the law for years, but GOP leaders joined with Democrats in supporting the bipartisan push to repeal the law.


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