Ryan O’Connell explains why he casts only gay actors for gay roles


Ryan O’Connell, the creator of Netflix comedy Special, has explained why the sexuality of the actors is an important issue for him and he always takes it into consideration. The creator and star of Special spoke to The Wrap about his decision not to cast straight actors in gay roles for the show, which is based on his real life as a gay man living with an inborn incurable mobility disability called cerebral palsy, which affects muscle tone and as a consequence made walking complicated. O’Connell says that in fact it is not necessary for an actor to be gay to play gay roles well or gay actors should play gay roles only, but he just knows how hard it is for gay actors to be cast, so he gives them some space, some platform, some opportunity to show their talent and to be successful. “Until that can be rectified, you bet I’m going to give opportunities to people who don’t have them,” he said.


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