90% of trans Japanese have problems with employment


Researchers carrying out the study for the nonprofit organization ReBit asked people to choose the most appropriate answers from a list of job-hunting problems they have encountered. Among the transgender respondents the most common problem was filling in the gender blank which is obligatory for the standard CVs and forms of preliminary application. The survey also found that around 40% of gay and bisexual people with experience looking for employment had experienced negative encounters during the process, including being asked questions related to their sexuality at interviews. Specifically, HR staff or interviewers had asked questions or made statements based on heteronormative stereotypes. Around 95% of the respondents needed support (of any kind) during employment. ReBit head Mika Yakushi told The Mainichi newspaper: “There’s a big role to play there for support organizations that people depend on. There is a need to raise staff awareness and promote learning about this issue through creating manuals and running study sessions.”


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