Australia officially ends Israel Folau’s contract


Israel Folau has been served with a breach notice by the Australian Rugby Union, and now he has a choice either to accept it or to have it referred to a code of conduct hearing. He must respond to the decision within two days for the matter to go further. Chief Executive of Rugby Australia, Raelene Castle said: “At its core, this is an issue of the responsibilities an employee owes to their employer and the commitments they make to their employer to abide by their employer’s policies and procedures and adhere to their employer’s values”. The CEO added that Folau had been formally warned to be more careful about what he posts on social media not to show any controversy or disrespect. “All professional Rugby players in Australia are bound by the Code of Conduct and there is a process in place for any disciplinary matter. We appreciate that this particular matter will attract significant interest, but due process must be followed,” the statement added


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