California National Guard condemned trans military ban


California National Guard representatives have made it clear that they are not going to follow the ban on transgender servicepeople enacted in the USA on April 12. If there are transgender Californians willing to join the National Guard, then no obstacles will be created to stop them from serving, they ensured. Currently there are transgender National Guardians in California, and they are treated with the same dignity and respect as their cis colleagues, and this attitude is not going to change. Major General Matthew Beevers told The Hill that to his mind it would be wrong to discriminate against people who can and want to serve their country just because they express their gender differently than it was assigned – it does not affect their professional qualities, so it is not in the list of things military commanders should bother about. “It’s a bit frightening where we’re at today. However, we’re compelled as military officers to follow the rules of the folks that are elected and appointed above us and we’ll continue to do that,” he concluded.


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