Comedian Tom Allen responds to accusations of mentioning his sexuality too often


The Mock the Week comic fielded a complaint on Facebook from a viewer who told Allen that everybody was aware that he was gay and it was not an issue for anyone in 2019, so the viewer saw no need in the comedian’s sexuality being mentioned ‘every few minutes’. “I guess I talk about it because it’s part of my identity. And straight people get to talk about theirs ‘every five minutes’ at least -but you’d be exhausted if you messaged them too I imagine,” he responded to the viewer, “And since I was made to feel ashamed about it for most of my life (I’m still not over that now) and I get messages (every five to ten minutes) saying that it’s actually helped them by me being upfront about it I might just keep going.” He went on mentioning that there are countries where gay people are stoned to death (Brunei implemented such a law recently) and even in countries like IK, that are believed to be progressive, people are still debating whether to teach kids about LGBT or not. He only wanted to show the world that being gay can be viewed positively.


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