Janelle Monáe says coming out as queer was terrifying


Janelle Monáe has revealed that she was “terrified” over what others would think of her after she revealed that her sexuality covers a wider spectrum than being attracted to two sexes. In a cover story for LGBT+ community-driven magazine them, Monáe said she was “terrified” that people would accuse her of attention seeking, but she is happy that she did not let this fear stop her from coming out as queer, because doing so made her feel free. While speaking about her new album, Dirty Computer, Monáe noted that her coming out was more complicated because she grew up in a protestant community, where any form of sexual expression rather than within a heterosexual marriage is believed to be wrong, bad and sinful. And moreover, she is already a marginalized minority – a woman of color, so revealing her sexuality would make this situation even more complicated. But she is happy that she found courage, because now she can be a role model: “I think that by being the example, we make it a little easier for kids to be able to talk to their loved ones about it,” she said. “When they’re trying to talk to their parents and their parents don’t see that representation out in the real world and people being accepted like that – it’s foreign to them.”


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