LGBT refugees feel abandoned by the UK Home Office


15 LGBT+ Syrian refugees are taking legal action against the UK’s Home Office as they claim that they have been abandoned by the refugee resettlement scheme they accepted 2 years ago when they came to UK from Turkey, where they felt under threat because this country is very conservative and homophobic. Other refugees accepted on the scheme waited between three to five months to be relocated to the UK, according to The Guardian . Refugees who spoke to the publication said that they are now hiding their sexuality because they are deeply afraid of the negative consequences of revealing it. One of the refugees said he knows somebody who has been waiting two years to be relocated under the refugee resettlement program, and for this period he survived at least two attempts to kill him. The UK government introduced the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement program in 2015 with an intention to bring 20,000 Syrians into the UK for protection. The United Nation’s Refugee Agency assesses cases before referring them to the Home Office.


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