Australian PM defended a homophobic politician


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended Liberal candidate Gladys Liu, who is in the epicenter of the homophobic scandal in the wake of the federal elections planned on May. Guardian Australia revealed that Liu, who is an ethnic Chinese, claimed in a 2016 interview: “A lot of Chinese parents, they do not agree with letting boys go into a girls’ toilets. Not only toilets, it’s also the crossdressing, the introduction of transgender. It is something they found difficult to accept”. She added that Chinese people come to Australia not for their children to be taught that it is okay to be gay (which she believes to be ‘a practice against the norm’) and to impose other LGBT concepts like “same-sex, transgender, intergender, crossgender and all this rubbish” on children as it could possibly ‘destroy’ them. She was backed up by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who told the Canberra Times that he was proud to launch her campaign, praising her “amazing Australian life” and he believes she had all rights to “express the views of the Chinese community” on this issue.


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