LGBT activists disliked the coin in Canada that was aimed to celebrate LGBT rights


The gay rights coin is being released to mark 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalized in Canada, but according to the historians the dates 1969-2019 on the coin are a myth. Yes, gay sex was allowed by the law in 1969, but the age of consent was higher in this case than for straight couples and it was specifically mentioned that these acts should have been ‘kept private’. Hooper took issue with the use of the word “equality” and said those who argued for the changes at the time officially mentioned homosexuality in the list of mental health disorders. He works with the Anti-69 group which provides a forum for scholarly and activist work that is critical of the limitations of the 1969 Criminal Code reforms. Other members of the group echoed Hooper’s view about the gay rights coin online. Gary Kinsman, a queer author and researcher, tweeted: “Homosexuality was not decriminalized in 1969. Oppressive sexual policing escalates after 1969. And certainly in no way was the 69 reform about equality for LGBTQ2S+ people”.


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