Primary schools’ teachers continue to insist on LGBT-inclusive lessons being compulsory


The National Education Union, the United Kingdom’s largest teaching union, has agreed to campaign for the government to make LGBT+ relationships a compulsory part of curricula in primary and secondary schools across the country. Teachers at the National Education Union conference in Liverpool voted to unite to create a lobby advocating for compulsory sex and relationship education in the UK schools. Dr Mary Bousted, a general secretary at the National Education Union, said schools cannot address LGBT+ issues if they are unable to openly discuss the LGBT contribution in society without unnecessary negativity, because otherwise it would be impossible to tackle homophobic bullying and other forms of anti-LGBT discrimination in different spheres of public life. According to the Independent, Annette Pryce, from the NEU executive, said there have been incidences of parents ridiculing LGBT+ teachers’ “fitness to teach” in WhatsApp groups.“It is 2019 not 1987,” Pryce added. “We need to make sure we send the right message this time to our members, our government and our schools.”


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