Religious adoption agencies fight for the right to ban same-sex parents


A lawsuit was filed last week by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty on behalf of St Vincent’s Catholic Charities and other faith-based adoption agencies in Michigan. The groups claim that a recent settlement—which banned the state of Michigan from having contracts with adoption agencies who refuse LGBT+ people—is a discrimination against their religious beliefs. Now, the groups say they would rather close and stop giving any services at all than provide these services to LGBT+ people. Melissa Buck, a mother of five children with special needs who adopted through St Vincent’s, is fighting alongside the agency in court. Meanwhile, Mark Rienzi, president at Becket, said: “Faith-based agencies like St. Vincent consistently do the best work because of their faith, and we need more agencies like them helping children—not fewer. The actions by the Attorney General of Michigan do nothing but harm the thousands of at-risk children in desperate need of loving homes.”


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