Right-wing commentator called Pete Buttigieg’s sexuality aberrant


Bryan Fischer made the comments in a guest column for conservative website One News Now. In the article, Fischer accused Buttigieg of deviating from the standard of God by being a ‘defiant homosexual’. And he noted that to his mind a President should be a man (why boot a woman. It is kind of sexist, isn’t it?) whose life is a good example to follow, and to him Buttigieg is not that kind of a man, just because he happens to love another man. “He will use his sexual preference like a shield to protect himself and his agenda from criticism by accusing anyone who challenges his radical sexual agenda of hatred and bigotry,” Fischer went on, accusing Buttigieg of using his natural charm (he admits he has it, though) to deceive people and to bring everything they cherish under threat. He also wrote that the Equality Act—legislation being brought forward by Democrat lawmakers that would introduce better protections for LGBT+ people—will threaten “every right” of Christians.


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