Sperm donor takes a lesbian couple to court as he wants to keep a child


A sperm donor is taking a lesbian couple to the High Court in Australia to stop them from moving to New Zealand with their daughter who is biologically related to him. The man—who has been given the pseudonym Robert Masson by the courts—is arguing that he agreed to donate sperm on the condition that he would help parent and provide financial assistance. He agreed to donate sperm to the woman—who has been given the pseudonym of Susan Parsons by the court—in 2006. The high court in Australia will now have to decide whether they should apply state law or commonwealth law to the case. In the first case sperm donor is not a legal parent, but in the second case he is biologically related to her and can be legally treated as her father. He initially prevented them from moving from Australia through the family courts where he was found to be a parent of the child. However, an appeal found that according to the state law he is not. The lawyers of both sides are now arguing which law to apply.


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