First Dates had a very awkward lesbian date


Two women named Georgia and Georga were paired by the show, but as they came for a date they realized that their names were not the only funny coincidence – the two have known each other already and this acquaintance was far from pleasant. Georga said Georgia dated her niece, who is much younger. Georgia admitted that she ‘had a thing’ with Georga’s younger relative, but said dating was too loud word for it. The show took an odd turn when Georga, who is an ex-Arsenal goalkeeper, gave her date a scratch card which turned out to be worth £100,000. Georga later fessed up that it was not real, causing outrage among watchers. It’s safe to say that when beautician Georgia said “all gay people know each other” she probably didn’t mean it in the way that transpired on her date. “Is it weird if I say I don’t want this to end?” Georgia asked. Later she said that it was “the loveliest date” she’d ever been on.Later in the program, it was also revealed that the two were still together. Also, Georga’s niece approves.


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