Israel Folau has one more supporter


The former rugby player John Hopoate has come out in support of Israel Folau after a homophobic row in Instagram caused Folau losing his job. Hopoate wrote on Facebook in a since deleted post that he does not know why everyone is so bothered about Folau’s words. “If your [sic] a bloody HOMO who cares, I’ve been called racist names and all other crap all my life and if you can’t handle been [sic] told your [sic] going to hell we’ll [sic] toughen the F up cause no 1 cares if you do or if you don’t,” he also wrote, adding that God has made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, and ”I f the boss of the major sponsor is a homo look for another sponsor”. In a post on Instagram, Folau said “hell awaits” gay people if they do not “repent and turn away from evil ways” .


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