Lesbian lawmakers fight for equal marriage in Peru


A lawyer named Susel Paredes and her wife, Gracia Aljovin, are battling to legalize same-sex marriage in Peru, as they were forced to go abroad to tie the knot because this country is Catholic and heavily conservative. On April 4, a local court asked authorities to treat the couple’s marriage like they would any other stating that forbidding them to do so would violate the country’s constitution. Paredes had disputed a decision by Peru’s national identification register (Reniec), to reject her request of marriage validation because the constitution of Peru gives no approval to same-sex marriages. In official documents, Reneic noted that Article 2347 of the Civil Code states that “marriage is the union voluntarily arranged by a man and a woman, and since the plaintiffs are the concerted union of two women, it is not effective.” However, the Paredes appeal could potentially result in the legalization of their union.


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