Pete Buttigieg tells Rachel Maddow why he stayed in closet


The openly gay Democratic candidate for president in 2020 discussed the decision to come out when he already worked as an official in the state of Indiana and was 33 years old. Buttigiieg believed that coming out would have killed him. MSNBC put lesbian host Rachel Maddow who interviewed him probably should understand this struggle. Pete Buttigieg is a Christian, so even telling himself ‘Yes, I am gay’ was a struggle already, let alone revealing it to public. He deliberately ignored the signs of his attraction to boys when he was 15, because his Christian background made him think that he should have tried his best to avoid being gay. “There’s this war that breaks out I think inside a lot of people when they realize that they might be something that they’re afraid of. And it took me a really long time to resolve that,” he recalled, “One of the risks I think people with meaningful jobs have especially people in politics actually is because your job is meaningful, a lot of the meaning in your life comes from your job.”


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