Protesters demand Japanese politician to apologize for anti-LGBT remarks


In a video released on social media last Tuesday a group of people surrounds Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) lawmaker Mio Sugita. The video released on Twitter shows protesters shouting behind Mio Sugita while she was campaigning on behalf of a far-right politician running for election in the Suginami City Assembly. One protester can be seen holding a placard with Sugita’s face crossed out in red. This politician made headlines last year, noting that to her mind LGBT rights is not an issue to spend taxpayers’ money on because LGBTG people cannot reproduce (she believed so) , and that is why she considered them to be unproductive and even dangerous for Japanese society. In a four-page article titled “Support for LGBT is too much” for conservative Japanese magazine Shincho 45, Sugita heavily criticized the Japanese media for highlighting the problem of LGBT rights in the country. Sugita said the media are helping to promote to people who are “capable of enjoying normal romance and getting married…that they have an option of going homosexual, and as a result risk increasing (the number of) unhappy people.”


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