European Parliament backs calls for sanctions against Brunei


The European Parliament has backed calls for asset freezes and visa bans over Brunei’s new penal code based on Sharia law, in part including death penalty for homosexuality. Brunei has sought to defend the law, claiming in a letter that there had been “misconceptions” around the penal code as it will exist only formally. But in spite of this, the European Parliament threw its weight behind a resolution “strongly condemning the use of torture and cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment” in Brunei, warning that it “violates Brunei’s obligations under international human rights law.” The resolution calls on authorities to think over implementation of the restrictive measures against Brunei. It also backs a boycott of Brunei-owned hotels and insisted on providing humanitarian protections and asylum for those who might be affected by this law in Brunei. UK Green MEP Jean Lambert said: “Should the Sultan and his allies fail to scrap these laws, we urge the EU and its Member States to consider using every tool available to end this cruel treatment, including asset freezes and visa bans.


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