UK pays money to train the Brunei officers


British police were paid £150,000 to provide training to officers in Brunei who may now be involved in imposing anti-gay laws, according to The Guardian. The College of Policing provided 235 days of training between 2012 and 2016 to officers in the country where homosexuality was already illegal by then, and now there is a new law which demands to stone gay men to death. As well as training, a series of gifts were exchanged between the British and Brunei officers. The items include a £510 Swiss watches, as well as police sticks, pens and baseball caps with the logo of Brunei police. According to The Guardian the presents were given in December 2012. The watch was given by a superintendent in Brunei’s police force and was sold at auction, giving the money to charitable purposes. Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell told The Guardian: “Even before the enactment of these new extremist sharia laws, Brunei was a quasi-dictatorship without international standards of democracy and human rights. It is shocking to think that some of these officers may now be involved in enforcing the death penalty for homosexuality, adultery and insulting the prophet Mohammad.”


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