BBQ company faces backlash for trying to redefine LGBTQ


The owner of the Kentucky-based Belle’s Smoking BBQ, Jamie Smith, started telling T-shirts on social media with the slogan “Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, and BBQ”. He said that he had found an acronym LGBT on Facebook and added the Q, but he had no idea what it originally stood for when he started to make these T-shirts two years ago. Even though a) the Q was added to the acronym long before him b) wherever he could find it, he must have guest what it was from the context or at least search for further explanation. The message he posted on Facebook stated: “We are going to stock up on some Swag. Hat and shirts. Let me know what yall want via text message. We are going to have our traditional Belles shirts, trucker hats. We will also have our LGBTQ shirts as well Belle’s logo on the back.” Smith later took down the post, writing on social media that they did not want to offend any individuals or disrespect any beliefs with their production.


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