Lesbian pastor from Kenya does not doubt God loves His LGBT kids


Jacinta Nzilani—who came out as a lesbian in February of this year—made the comments in an interview with Kenya’s Tuko TV when she was asked about the disapproval of homosexuality in the Bible. But she insisted that God has given His kids a gift of freedom, and this freedom has no limits in love. “The way they [LGBT+ people] relate—the way they associate and express themselves—should not be agenda for others to block them, criminalize them and let them be cocooned somewhere,” she said. She insists that all people, including, of course, LGBT ones, are equal in the eyes of God, because they are His creatures and His beloved children. She explained that she was married to a man for many years, and that she understood that this marriage, though it lasted for 25 years, brought her nothing but struggle, because she did not love her husband and men in general. “I was looking for that touch of a woman, that love, that care, hospitality,” she said, “I thank God for my daughter who I love so much… She was like: ‘I’m behind you mum, because I love you.’ She knows how we pass through difficulties and hardship together, and she told me she would pray together with me.” Elsewhere in the interview, Nzilani said she supports people of all backgrounds coming to her church. “What I know is that there is no greater wealth in this world than peace. I am trying to bring peace in this conversation, because peace means a lot.”


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