LGBT activists are arrested in St. Petersburg


A group of Russian LGBT+ activists (approximately 11 people) have been arrested in St. Petersburg during an annual “Day of Silence” protest for sex and gender equality. Daniel Maksimenko, who spoke to reporters at local news site OVD-Info, claimed to have heard what has been said about the police arresting everyone who walks with their mouth sealed n the direction of the Church of the Savior. There were apparently 50 protesters. The “Day of Silence” is a global student-led protest to highlight the silencing of LGBT+ communities across Russia. In August 2018 police detained around 30 LGBT+ activists during a similar protest in the city. On November 27, 2018, the European Court of Human rights ruled that Russia’s ban on pride events breaches human rights. The ruling found that “the applicants suffered unjustified discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.”


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