Man in Mississippi was a victim of a homophobic attack though he is not gay


Trevor Gray’s jaw was wired shut after the horrifying attack in Waynesboro, Mississippi, on April 12. The man’s family believes that the two attackers (their identities are already publicly revealed – Landon McCaa and Toman Sion Brown) confused him to a gay man when they met him in the bar. Gray was part of a group that went on to continue drinking at McCaa’s home when the bar closed, but some of the men turned on Gray and sparked an attack, which was filmed on mobile phones and spread viral. The victim’s brother Cruz Gray alleged that the attack was motivated by sexuality, noting that Brown called him a “queer” during the beating. Cruz says his brother does not identify as gay, so the attack was caused apparently by the way he looked and expressed himself. But even if Trevor was gay, it would not excuse the attackers, because people don’t deserve being attacked for just who they are, said the brother.


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