Pope Francis says discarding gay people is heartless


The Catholic leader made the comments to the openly gay comedian Stephen K Amos during an audience filmed for BBC show Pilgrimage: The Road To Rome. The pontiff told the comedian that people from his community deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, as well as anybody else. Meeting the Pope, the gay comedian explained that he came from a very religious family and as a gay man he never felt accepted in the religious environment, so deviated from the faith. But now, as he lost his mother and his twin sister, his heart needs to believe in something or someone, but the fear of being unaccepted is an obstacle on the way to the faith for him. “Giving more importance to the adjective [gay] rather than the noun [man], this is not good. We are all human beings and have dignity. It does not matter who you are, or how you live your life – you do not lose your dignity. There are people that prefer to select or discard people because of the adjective. These people don’t have a human heart,” the Pope told him.


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