Buddhist monk expresses himself as a makeup artist


Kodo Nishimura serves as a monk in one of the Buddhist temples of Tokyo, and he also does makeup – to himself and to the celebrities of the worldwide level. Growing up in Japan, Nishimura felt as though he couldn’t be open about his attraction to men and a willing to express himself beyond the stereotypical masculinity. “I didn’t want to admit I liked Sailor Moon or Disney Princesses, but the fact I couldn’t share this with people, meant I couldn’t connect with anyone or make any friends, which isolated me,” he said in the interview to PinkNews. But when he came to the USA for studying, he realized that the world of makeup is full of different people, many of them are men, some of these men are gay, and they are not ashamed of it and of doing what they love. Despite finding his passion in make-up, after 8 years in the US, he felt as though something was missing, as he is still Japanese and still a Buddhist, without his native country and the faith he grew up in his heart feels empty. Whilst Nishimura never thought it would be impossible to pursue both careers, and even though it was complicated, he had a wise master and a loving family who supported him on this way. Since graduating from his monastery in 2015, Kodo continues to spread the message of Buddhism throughout his work and has become an advocate for LGBT+ rights as well as providing free makeup workshops for transgender women.


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