London court gives gay man parental rights over the child biologically related to his ex partner


A gay man from London has won parental rights over the child he had with his former partner via a surrogate after the two decided to break up. The High Court’s verdict is groundbreaking, as one of the same-sex parents who is not biologically related to the child has never received a parental right before in the country. According to The Times, the decision was made by Mrs. Justice Theis in February but has only now been made public The names of any sides of this case cannot be publicly revealed. The girl was born in Canada in October 2017. They chose Canada because it was easier there to be assigned as fathers in the child’s birth certificate. applied for parental responsibility orders shortly after they returned to the UK but they had difficulties seeing the process through after their relationship began to break down and on one occasion, the police were called after they disagreed on how their daughter should be cared for. The judge ruled that separating a girl from one of her parents would be cruel and emotionally damaging for her.


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