Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson spoke out against Pete Buttigieg


Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson, a frequent opponent of LGBT+ rights, has targeted US presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in his recent speech, saying that ifg he becomes a President it would mean a potential;l threat for conservative media, especially Christian ones, so Mr. Jackson, as a conservative Christian could lose the radio show he hosts because the values he preaches there would be against Buttigieg’s ‘homocracy’. “As much as these LGBT activists say that I want a theocracy, which I don’t, because I don’t want to see them punished or put them in jail for what they’re doing, I want to see them converted … But I guarantee they’d love to see you or me punished or put in jail. We don’t want a theocracy, but I guarantee you they want a homocracy,” he said. However, willing to ‘convert’ inconvertible things like sexuality because the Bible disapproves gay sex, is no less theocratic than willing to jail gay people for the same reason.


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