Shelter for homeless trans youth opens in San Francisco


The three-bedroom house has room for six people between the ages of 18 to 24. It opened quietly nearly two months ago, according to reports from the San Francisco Chronicle. This is the first trans-specific youth shelter in the USA. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the shelter is the nation’s first long-term transitional living program specifically for homeless trans young people. The residents will be allowed to stay in the shelter for 2 years. “Transgender youths have more medical needs, and they have a whole added extra layer of trauma,” said Rodriguez. “Many need hormone therapy, surgeries, preparation for surgeries,” said the house manager Christopher Rodriguez, who believes that the needs of the transgender community ar5e more specific than the needs of the rest of the rainbow community. He went on: “They’re outed more easily than others — a gay man can pass as not gay if he wants to, but generally not someone who’s trans. So they get more attention, and not the good kind. And more violence. That takes a lot of careful work to heal.”


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