The ban on LGBT Pride in Ankara was lifted by the court


LGBT+ Pride events can now be held in the capital of Turley as the court ruled that it was not right to prohibit these events. Turkish LGBT+ rights group Kaos GL played one of the most significant roles in the ban being repealed, but their first attempt to do so failed last November. “We can say that the court has accepted our arguments that we have advocated since the day when the ban has declared,” Kaos GL’s lawyer Hayriye Kara stated. She went on saying that banning the events to mark people’s basic rights and freedoms is not bringing the social peace the advocates of the ban argued for. What brings peace is treating everybody with the deserved respect and dignity, letting people know that they are safe. The ban was first implemented by the Governorship of Ankara in November 2017, citing “public morality” and “social sensitivity and sensibilities.” According to Euronews, instead of placing an absolute ban over such demonstations taking place, an increased level of security “must be ensured.”


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