India opens a health clinic run by and for LGBT+ people


India has opened the doors to its first health clinic for queer people only and the staff is also completely LGBT. The healthcare centre, located in Mumbai, employs LGBT+ receptionists, pharmacists, and counselors to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. “Over the years, 30-40 percent of the individuals who tested HIV-positive at our clinic disappeared at some point during their [ARV] treatment at government hospitals,” the CEO of the Humsafar Trust Vivek Anand, who is responsible for opening the clinic, told the Guardian. “Half of them never even showed up. More than discrimination, self-stigmatization keeps the community away from accessing treatment,” Anand explained, “We have known days when trans communities could not get past the doors of any public healthcare deliveries in India. Security does not let them in.” The clinic can accommodate 8 people at once, treatment is free, donations from public are accepted. There are separate therapists for pre- and post-HIV testing, as well as general counselors, and a social support group gathering once in a month.


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