Republicans want to forbid child drag shows


Republican lawmakers in Ohio have filed a bill according to which child drag performances would be legally treated as child exploitation, and as a consequence forbidden. Ohio representative Tim Schaffer has proposed a bill in the state legislature seeking to clamp down on performances by “a child under eighteen years of age or a mentally or physically handicapped child under twenty-one years of age,” in a response to a performance by a nine-year-old drag queen. According to the parents\supervisors of the young drag artists are to be fined up to a thousand dollars or imprisoned up to six months, and the venues that hosted their performances would have their licenses dropped. n a release, Schaffer confirmed the bill was a response to “a performance by a child in a local bar [that] concerned numerous citizens throughout Fairfield County.”Nine-year-old performer Jacob Measley and his family have faced a tidal wave of threats and abuse after he performed as “Miss Mae Hem” as a drag event. His mother Jerri Measley explained told the Toledo Blade that she monitors what he sings or how he moves – no sexual explicitness is allowed. For him it is just a kind of a Halloween party but on a regular basis,, he just sings and plays, and by no means he is forced to do it.


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